Healthier reviews and feedback when privacy matters

Confide is a reputation management platform for mental health professionals to grow their practice and improve their public and private feedback without compromising client or patient confidentiality.
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All your ratings and reviews in your control
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More reviews from more clients

Get feedback and boost your local search even when privacy is important with anonymous but verified reviews.

All your reviews in one tool

View, manage and respond to all your reviews and feedback in one place.

Better feedback for your practice

Turn negative reviews into actionable feedback and get more specific ways to improve from your clients.
How it works

Get healthier reviews from more clients

Tell us where you want reviews

We bring in updates daily and and guide your clients to post where you want when you are ready.

Send clients requests to review

Request public or private feedback from your client by email or text. Include custom instructions or simply select that confidentiality matters and we make sure they can only post anonymous reviews as a verified client.

Grow your reputation and your practice

More recent and positive reviews drive your credibility in the eyes of your future clients and peers and are critical to local search.
Grow your practice with healthier reviews and feedback

Every review in one tool

Confide listens to your profiles and brings them all into one view keeping you on top of your reputation.

Control for confidentiality

Send requests with custom instructions and enable for anonymous reviews from verified clients.

Ask for specific feedback

Structure the type of feedback or review information you want.

Manage bad ratings

Allow for negative reviews to be sent to you first before publishing.

Boost local search

Get more leads with better reviews to drive local search and a custom Confide profile.

One flat fee - no surprises

Confide does not charge per user or per location so you can add partners, marketers, administrators, or your office dog for no additional fee.

Make getting reviews from any client easy

Receive a complete view of your practice's reputation in minutes with Confide.
Track and build your reputation everywhere clients are looking