Expanding access to mental health services by supporting you.

Running a business is hard. It is even harder when clients may be shy to give you feedback or leave glowing reviews especially when you aren't even allowed to ask for them.

My career has been spent building software and services to help businesses grow. I also know, first hand, the value of good therapy, counseling and mental health services. Confide was born out of a desire to help businesses grow and expand access to mental health services and support when they are so deparately under utilized.

There were very few reviews out there and none of my counselors ever asked for feedback. Let's fix that.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to grow your business beginning with  better feedback, more reviews, and outstanding confidence that you are doing the good in this world for which you are specifically trained.

Confide is on a mission to help mental health practices have the tools they need to run their business, give great care, and expand access to mental health services.

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