February 25, 2024

How to get more reviews when clients value privacy

Client privacy preference can limit mental health providers ability to get reviews. Learn how to break past that barrier for your practice
More reviews when confidentiality matters

Online reviews are a powerful way to boost your practice's reputation and attract new clients or patients. However, for many patients and clients, privacy concerns may stop them from sharing a review no matter how outstanding or helpful your services were. In some cases clients may not want to admit they needed help discussing private matters, are dealing with some pain or are actively working to improve their mental and emotional health.

This creates a pain point for businesses where clients value or need privacy but reviews help grow the firm. The value of online reviews is incredible as 98% of consumers used the internet to find information about local businesses and more than 80% of consumers said reviews were important or very important for helathcare and care services. Beyond helping with your search rankings, reviews are important to building trust and play a significant role before a client reaches out as the likelihood of working with a business that has more than five reviews is 270% higher than a business with no reviews.

Helping businesses get more reviews has become big business as a growing number of solutions exist for but none of these tools are built for businesses where client privacy or confidentiality is valued. They often come with hefty price tags or features your firm just doesn’t need or want.

The ingenuity of small business owners, marketers and administrators to improve reviews and control for confidentiality is impressive. One person we met went as far as to write and send instructions for clients to create burner Google accounts allowing them to post real reviews with fake profiles. This provides a sliver of anonymity but didn’t lead to a large number of reviews. Many have created manual processes and homegrown templates using QR codes and links. These end up requiring loads of manual effort and work tracking down clients, writing specific instructions and tailoring the forms before sending. Often businesses break down and pay the high price for review tools not built for them. 

So, how do you grow reviews when confidentiality is important without wasting time and money?

The most important thing to do is to ask your clients to leave reviews but it often slips their mind, clients don’t know what to say or not to say and they don’t know where to post. This is why we built Confide.

Confide is a reputation management platform for mental health providers to improve their clients' public and private feedback without compromising confidentiality. We are built  to help you and your clients own their reviews by taking control of the review process.  

We help get more reviews from more clients, improve the feedback of their business, and stay on top of their online reputation allowing you to:

  1. Control for confidentiality - send requests ensuring they can leave a review anonymously and with clear instructions. If they need to or prefer to remain anonymous we will route the review to sites allowing for anonymity or post the review to your Confide profile. 
  2. Send and reinforce instructions - if clients don’t want to be anonymous but need to avoid details or topics Confide allows you to send requests with specific instructions and screen the review if you prefer before it gets published to Google, Facebook or Yelp.
  3. Get better feedback - request private feedback and public reviews in a structured way with custom and standard templates making sure your reviews standout and your firm knows what it does great or where it can improve. 
  4. Control your reputation - We track your profiles across the internet to make sure you can see all your reviews and understand your reputation in one tool. No more endless browsing and scrolling to know what folks think about your work.

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